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11725 Dentist

Which 11725 dentist can treat my emergency?

If you have been experiencing recurrent oral pain, you have every reason to seek out an experienced Commack, NY 11725 dentist to diagnose and treat your discomfort. At the office of Elisa B. Nelson, DDS, PC, their dentist welcomes you to come and receive the gentle, compassionate care you deserve. Providing a comprehensive range of general, family, and cosmetic dental services, Dr. Nelson has got you covered whether you require restorative, prosthetic, or emergency treatment. If you have been suffering from a toothache, pain in your jaw or gums, your Commack, NY 11725 dentist is here for you.

11725 Dentist

A good rule of thumb is to consider any oral pain you are experiencing to be a dental emergency. The sooner you can be seen by your dentist, the better, as many issues are easiest to treat early on. Toothaches can originate from a surprisingly wide range of conditions, from cavities, bruxism, and TMJ, to angina, or even sinus infections. Bruxism, or the chronic clenching of teeth, is a habit which can lend itself to sore jaw and facial muscles, as well as aching teeth. Bruxism often goes undiagnosed as it typically occurs during sleeping hours. If you are experiencing a toothache, your Commack, NY 11725 dentist will carefully examine your teeth checking for any signs of abnormal wear, decay, damage, or infection. Bruxism often leads to unusual wear on teeth, and if left untreated can loosen teeth, and even damage restorative fillings or crowns! Your dentist provides a convenient, noninvasive solution for sufferers of bruxism. With a custom fabricated nightguard, your jaws can comfortably be kept slightly apart, to prevent grinding while you sleep.

Whether you need your bruxism habit to grind to a halt, or any variety of restorative or emergency oral care, your Commack, NY 11725 dentist is happy to help! As an exceptional resource for diagnosing and treating oral pain in your area, make the office of Elisa B. Nelson, DDS your choice when it matters most! To schedule a time for the conscientious oral care you deserve, call Dr. Nelson today!


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