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Commack Root Canal

Where can I find Commack root canal treatment?

When it comes to the oral health of you and your family, the office of Elisa B. Nelson, DDS, PC is an excellent resource. Providing an expansive array of the most essential dental services, from preventive care, to restorative, emergency, prosthetic and cosmetic treatments for patients of all ages, Dr. Nelson is committed to making her patients’ smiles as happy as they are healthy. Providing the multiple levels of care patients so often require, you’ll be in excellent hands whether you require Commack root canal therapy, or the most natural restorations for your smile.

Commack Root Canal

In many cases, persistent oral pain is a result of issues deep inside a tooth, at the inner, nerve level. Whether it’s the result of traumatic injury, deep dental decay, or bacterial infection, if the inside of the tooth has been damaged, it’s going to require the attention of your dentist to determine if you require Commack root canal therapy. With irreversible damage to the nerve so deep inside the tooth, an infection can develop and spread to the neighboring bone, gums and teeth. Infection also jeopardizes the affected tooth. Dr. Elisa B. Nelson is highly experienced in providing root canal therapy to save teeth under just such circumstances. As one of the most well understood and commonly performed dental procedures, root canal therapy is a highly effective method for rescuing teeth in distress, so you can feel confident about your treatment.

Following your Commack root canal, a restorative filling or crown is typically placed to restore the biting surfaces and fortify the tooth. Offering the highest dental grade restorations, from direct fillings, and custom crowns, tailor made to the shade, shape and proportions of your neighboring teeth, the professional at the office of Elisa B. Nelson, DDS, can achieve fantastic results for your smile. To schedule your next appointment, give Dr. Nelson a call at the number below.


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